Continuing Education Grant

Application Form, Reporting Form, & Reports

A CULS member may receive a total of $500 from the KLAEF Grant (dependent on availability, Jan-Dec) AND the CULS CE Grant (July-June) each year. For example, $250 from each grant for a total of $500 in one year OR $500 from the CULS grant in one year.

Continuing Education Grant Application Form

CULS CE Reporting Form

Award Reports

2018 Ashley Creek
Lauren Hays
Nathan Poell
2017 No grants were awarded this year
2016 No grants were awarded this year
2015 Gloria Creed Dikeogu
Nathan Poell
Barbara Pope
2014 Daniel Ireton
Leo Lo
Matthew Pannkuk
Terri Summey
2013 Lauren Hays
Teresa Mayginnes
Livia Olsen
Matt Upson
2012 Sharon Ailslieger
Teresa Mayginnes
Terri Summey
Jane Ballagh de Tovar
2011 Sharon Ailslieger
Melia Fritch
Leo Lo
Melissa Mallon
Lily Morgan
Ray Walling
2010 Janet Anderson-Story
Heidi Blackburn
Steve Hanschu
Judith Vaughn
2009 Kelley A. Weber
Rita Sevart
Barbara Pope
Antoinette Satterfield
Robert Lindsey
2008 Jason Coleman
Dalene Hawthorne
Nathan Powell
Barbara Pope
Antoinette Satterfield
2007 Donna Hobbs
Jennifer L. Schroeder
Kristen Whitehair
Scotty Zollars
MPLA Leadership Institute – Danielle Theiss-White